Tallahassee’s Private and Charter School Grades

Everyone wants their new home to be zoned for ‘good schools.’ People ask us for Tallahassee school grades all the time. Fortunately, many of Tallahassee public schools have great grades. We also have many quality private and charter schools to choose from as well. Below, we have gathered information for many of Tallahassee’s private and charter schools, including their grades.

We have included the Florida Department of Education’s grade for the school where it is available. Please note that there are a lot of limitations to assigning a single grade to a school with hundreds of students, teachers, and staff. Kindly keep that in mind when reviewing the information provided.

For your information, we have posted useful information from the state’s database for each private and charter school where available. You will also find free downloads that including the school grades and reviews from Niche, where available. Also below, free downloads with no pay wall. These Tallahassee private and charter school reports include community reviews and local real estate sales.

Links for More Information About Tallahassee’s School Grades

There are 11 private and charter Tallahassee schools with grades on the Florida Department of Education’s data page. If you are looking for information on Tallahassee’s public schools please check out our other pages about Leon County’s Public High Schools, Public Middle Schools and Public Elementary Schools. Check back soon, we will be adding schools in outlying counties too.

If you are wondering what schools your Tallahassee address is zoned for, please check here. Leon County also has a school choice program for select families. Applications for school choice are submitted between January and March 1 each year. And you can check here for more information about school choice and how you can qualify your child.

For those who want to know how these grades are calculated, check out this download from the Department of Education. This gives the numbers the school had to reach for each grade.

For more information, you can also search for your school report from the Florida Department of Education’s data portal. There is a lot more information than the screenshots below. Start here and it will ask you for the school or district you want to see. Tallahassee is in Leon County’s school district.

Governor’s Charter School

Located on Mahan Road in eastern Tallahassee, Governor’s Charter School is tuition free public charter school. This school serves grades Kindergarten through 8th.

Their overall grade is a C.

Check out their webpage here: Governor’s Charter School

Current enrollment is around 400 students. They do have a school uniform policy they enforce.

The Governor’s Charter School’s mission statement: “At Governors Charter Academy we believe that every student can be a leader. We are dedicated to ensuring every student learns the skills and mindsets necessary to succeed in school, the workplace and their communities. Individualized lesson plans, strong relationships with caring adults, and before and after-school tutoring provide students with the support they need to thrive.”

For more info, you can download the Niche report here: Governors Charter School Report

Gretchen Everhart School

Gretchen Everhart School is located at 2750 Mission Road, Tallahassee, FL, 32303. This Leon County public school serves students with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 3 to 22 years. The school was started in the late 1960s by concerned parents. It was called the Candle of Hope School. It was relocated in 1972 to the current location on Mission Road.

Their current school improvement standing is: Unsatisfactory.


And, you can check out their webpage here: Gretchen Everhart School

“Today the school accommodates approximately 200 students with severe to moderate mental handicaps. All students at the school in grades K-12th have cognitive deficits and special needs which are addressed in Individual Education Plans for each student. The school serves students from Leon County and the surrounding counties of Gadsden, Jefferson, Taylor, Wakulla, Liberty and Franklin whose needs can’t be successfully met in a traditional school setting.”

Consequently, you can download the report here: Gretchen Everhart School Report

They have a Facebook page that is not as active as before: Gretchen Everhart Facebook Page

Heritage Trails Community School

Located in southeast Tallahassee at 283 Trojan Trail, Tallahassee, FL 32311, Heritage Trails Community School is a public middle school serving grades 6-12.

Their school improvement rating is incomplete.  Their previous rating was also not available. The last rating was in 2018-19 and they were maintaining at that time.

Check out their webpage here: Heritage Trails Community School

Current enrollment is around 66 students with 12 teachers.

Most certainly, you can download the report here: Heritage Academy Gingerbread School Report

Leon Virtual School

Located online and serving Tallahassee, Leon Virtual School is a public school serving grades K-12.

Their overall grade is unrecorded at this time. Their previous grade was in 2018-19, and was an A.

Current enrollment is around 700 students with 7 teachers.

Check out their webpage here: Leon County Virtual School.

Their Facebook page does not appear to be active: Leon County Virtual School Facebook Page.

Their webpage did have this download available for FAQs for LCVS.

PACE Center for Girls

Located near College Town, PACE Center for Girls is a private facility in Tallahassee, FL 32301. This private school serves young women in danger of becoming delinquents.

There are no grades or school improvement ratings posted on Florida’s Department of Education data portal.

Check out their webpage here: PACE Center for Girls

Current enrollment is approximately 59 students and 7 teachers.

PACE is a center for girls to overcome stressful situations and rebuild their lives.  This quote from their website helps explain. “Pace is a supportive community for girls to build healthy relationships, plan for their future and overcome trauma.”

The PACE Center for Girl’s mission statement is,

Their history from their webpage names names. “Founded in 1985 by Vicki Burke. The first Pace Center launched with ten girls in Jacksonville, Florida. Vicki had an idea, rooted in facts. Girls were entering the juvenile justice system as a response to delinquent behavior caused by trauma. Pace has successfully grown to annually serve more than 3,000 girls in 23 locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.”

For more information, check out their YouTube Channel for PACE Center for Girls

SAIL High School

SAIL (School for Arts and Innovative Learning) High School serves grades 9-12. It is public alternative type learning environment for Leon County Schools in Tallahassee, Florida.

History from their webpage: “Students must meet the same credit and grading requirements as other Leon County students. However, the approach is an ever evolving dynamic one that capitalizes on the talents and interests of a diverse staff and student body… Accredited since 1982, SAIL offers a wide variety of high quality academic opportunities to meet graduation requirements including honors courses, externships and dual enrollment with Lively, TCC, FSU and FAMU. Test scores on the FCAT are among the best in the district. Approximately 40% of graduates qualify for Bright Futures Scholarships.”

SAIL High School is located at: 2006 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, Fl 32304.

Their overall grade is a B. Their previous grade was unrecorded.


Check out their excellent webpage here: SAIL High School

Current enrollment is around 365 students and 22 teachers.

SAIL High School’s mission statement: “Our Mission is to provide an educational choice for high school students in Leon County. By way of an innovative, high-quality, respectful and caring environment, SAIL seeks to provide a diverse student population with the foundation necessary to become responsible citizens in a global community.

Furthermore, you can download the report here: SAIL High School Report

Schools of Arts and Sciences Centre

The School of Arts & Sciences located on North Monroe in northwestern Tallahassee, is a charter school serving grades K-5. The school offers multi-level grades and project based learning. They also have partnered with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida State University (FSU) Department of Biological Science to focus on hand-on science learning.

Their overall grade is a B. Their previous grade was an A.

Check out their webpage here: School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre

Current enrollment is around 411 students with 42 teachers.

Mission statement: “Inspiring a love of learning while delivering the very best education to students through innovative curriculum, dedicated teachers, effective leadership, involved parents, engaged students, sound financial management and where student achievement flourishes.”

School of Arts and Sciences on Thomasville Road

The School of Arts and Sciences is a charter school located on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, Florida. This school serves grades K-8.

Their overall grade is a B.  Their previous grade was an A.

Check out their webpage here: School of Arts & Sciences on Thomasville

Current enrollment is around 452 students with 42 teachers.

Their approach is multi-level classrooms and hands-on science learning. “The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) began as a charter school in 1999 with the primary goal of inspiring a love of learning while delivering the very best education to students. It was founded by educators and parents with the dream of creating a school in Leon County that combined industry best practices and learning-by-doing.”

Download their school report from Niche: School of Arts & Sciences Report

Success Academy

Located in southwest Tallahassee, the Success Academy At Ghazvini Learning Center is an alternative public school. This charter school serves grades 6-12.

There is no current school improvement rating. The last rating was posted for the 2018-19 school year and at that time, they were maintaining.

Check out their webpage here: Success Academy

Current enrollment is around 255 students and 7.

From their website: “Visit Success Academy WeatherSTEM for more information from our weather station. It offers real time weather reports on-site and teachers can use this information to enhance science, math, and technology lessons in the classroom.”

So you can download the report here: Success Academy School Report

Tallahassee Classical School

Tallahassee Classical School is a tuition free public charter school. It is located in southeast Tallahassee at: 4141 Artemis Way, Tallahassee, FL, 32311. They provide education to grades K – 9.

Their overall grade is a C.

Check out their webpage here: Tallahassee Classical School

Current enrollment is around 534 students with 29 teachers.

Tallahassee Classical School’s mission is: “To train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a content-rich classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.”

Tallahassee School of Math and Sciences

Fortunately, Tallahassee has several elementary charter schools. A charter school is a Leon County public school of choice. Charter schools have greater flexibility in how they operate. They are expected to perform at a higher level of standards. The Tallahassee School of Math and Sciences serves grades K-8.

Their overall grade is a B. Their previous grade was not recorded

Check out their webpage here: Tallahassee School of Math and Sciences

Current enrollment is around 556 students with 36 teachers.

The Tallahassee School of Math and Sciences’ mission is “The mission of Tallahassee School of Math and Science (TSMS) is to provide students with a well-rounded elementary and middle school (K through 8) education with special emphasis on (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Reading in the light of research based, proven and innovative instructional methods in a stimulating environment.”

Check out their YouTube video.


For More Information on Tallahassee’s Schools

More information can be downloaded from the Florida Department of Education here and here.

And, please check out our other public school pages:

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