Tallahassee Zip Code 32311 – What To Know Before Moving


The Tallahassee zip code of 32311 is located southeast of the Tallahassee city center. It has had the largest population increase since 2010. In the past twelve years, it has grown over 22%. The area in this zip code is in the Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s southeast areas of the MLS. The biggest neighborhoods are Southwood and Piney Z.

Buyers want to know what an area is like before they make a purchase. That makes sense, right? People want to know who they will be living near and how their neighbors spend their time and money. Because of this, we have informative reports for you! You can download both the Trade Area Report and the Neighborhood Report below for free. Details below.

Who lives in Tallahassee’s 32311-zipcode?

According to Esri, the people living in this area are prosperous married couples in higher-density neighborhoods. The trade report is based on data collected by Esri. They take MASSIVE amounts of data and group populations with similar interests, spending habits, and lifestyles. They grouped Tallahassee’s zip code 32311 data into five consumer groups. We have detailed two groups below. These two groups make up almost 46% of the population in Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code.  By the way, you will find these groups called Tapestry Segments in the report.

Group characteristics

The biggest consumer groups in the 32311-zipcode are: “Enterprising Professionals,” “Young and Restless,” “Workday Drive,” “In Style,” and “Green Acres.”  People living here share many traits. Most residents are married and college-educated with careers in science and engineering.  Also, many locals are professionals serving in management positions with the state or universities.

Let’s look at the two most prominent groups.  These groups make up about half of the population in Tallahassee 32311 zip code. First, the biggest group of people is called the Enterprising Professionals group. Also, this group includes approximately 23% of the population or 2,126 residents. This group’s median age is 36 with a median household income of $99,400. They love to spend time traveling to foreign and domestic destinations. They eat organic and natural foods and participate in running and yoga. The Enterprising Professionals are diverse, well-educated, and climbing the social ladder. They change jobs often and many still rent their homes. They are professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics occupations.

Next, the second biggest group is the Young and Restless. They include almost 23% of the population in the 32311 zip code.  This group contains approximately 2,110 people. Also, this group’s median age is 30 with a median household income of $49,500. This group is Gen Y coming of age and not established yet. This market is in the top five for renters and movers. Their preferred activities are dancing, playing basketball and pool. Sounds like life after college, right? They like to read magazines about news, fashion, and music. They are careful shoppers, aware of prices with little brand loyalty.

For more information, download a free report here: Trade Area Report for Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code.

Neighborhood and Population Characteristics

Here’s the thing, in the next several paragraphs we are going to break down a lot of numbers about the population living in Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code. These graphs are going to show you the median household incomes, job categories, and education level of the population. Also, we will show you the age distributions of children and adults.  We have information on schools zoned for the 32311 zip code and a link to the school grade reports for public elementary, middle, and high schools.

For more information, download the free report here: Neighborhood Report for Tallahassee 32311

Population Stats in Tallahassee’s 32311 Zip Code: Density, Age, and Income Distributions, Education, and Job Characteristics

Distribution of ages in Tallahassee zip code 32311. The biggest population is between the ages of 35 and 54.

Population Density

The population in Tallahassee’s zip code 32311 is estimated at 23.2K (or 549 people per square mile). The population has grown a whopping 22.2% since 2010. In comparison, Tallahassee has grown 7.7%, Leon County has grown 8%, and Florida 15.6% since 2010.

Population Age Ranges

This area has a median age of 34. In comparison, Tallahassee’s median age is 27, and Leon County’s median age is 31 years old.  Likewise, the median age for Florida is 42, and the median age for the United States the median is 38 years old. From the distribution of ages chart, you can see that the majority of the population is between 35 and 54 years of age.

Of the children under the age of 18 years old living in the 32311 zip code, the biggest population is in middle school. The most common elementary schools for houses in the 32311 are Conley and Apalachee. Most homes are zoned for Fairview Middle School and many attend Florida High, Rickards, or Lincoln High Schools. Over 75% residents have a commute time of less than 30 minutes and over 19% have a commute time of less than 15 minutes. More than 3% work from home.

Income Distribution

The area has a per capita income of $36,199. This is higher than the median income for Tallahassee at $26,787, and Leon County at $29,754.  Likewise, it is higher than the median per capita income for Florida, which is $30,197, and for the United States at $32,621.

Also, this area has a median household income of $72,704. This means that there are as many people earning over $73k annually as there are earning under that amount. This makes this area more affluent than the average household. For example, the median household is $45,734 for Tallahassee, $53,106 for Leon County. Likewise, the median household income is $55,660 in Florida and $62,843 in the USA.


This area has a high level of education among residents. Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code area has less than 2% of the population with less than a 9th grade education. More than 51% of the population has at least a college education.  Furthermore, 23% of residents have graduate or professional degrees beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Job Characteristics

Given the proximity of the state capital and the many universities, it makes sense that the most common occupational category is the public administration career group. This is followed by the education and Health Care career sectors.

Other Characteristics

Two of the biggest neighborhoods in the 32311 area include Southwood and Piney Z.  These neighborhoods provide sidewalks and are surrounded by numerous parks and trails. These areas also have some of the biggest ‘hills’ in Tallahassee. Walkability scores are based on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the shorter the walk to needed amenities. Even though there are plenty of trails, there are few commercial areas that are within walking distance of homes. The walkability score for Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code is 1.4. This means virtually everything will require a vehicle. Compared to other areas of town, neighborhoods in the Tallahassee zip code 32311 have more sidewalks.

This area has a low AARP Livability at 51. Furthermore, it’s score is one of the lowest in the Tallahassee area. The AARP Livability score was developed using survey data from adults over 50 years of age. They used this data to determine general preferences for community living. These included the preferences for physical ability, driving status, race, housing amenities among many others. The livability scores range from 0 to 100.

School grades in the 32311 zip code

The options below do not include every single school zoned for the zip codes, only the most common for space reasons. Check what schools your potential residence is zoned for here: Leon County School Zones

Elementary Schools in Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code:

Most houses in the area are zoned for Apalachee and Conley elementary schools. Some residents will be eligible for Florida State High School for elementary and/or middle school grades. Elementary School grades can be found here.

Middle Schools in Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code:

Most homes are zoned for Fairview Middle School.  This is a magnet program and more information about middle schools and their grades can be found here. Some residents will be eligible for Florida State High School for elementary and/or middle school grades.

High Schools in Tallahassee’s 32311 zip code:

There will be some homes zoned for Lincoln High School in the 32311 zip code. However, most will be zoned for Rickards High School.  Some residents will be eligible for Florida State High School for elementary and/or middle school grades. You can find more information on high school grades here.

Leon County Parks:

There are no Tallahassee city parks in the 32311 zip code, but two of our favorite Leon County Parks are found in the area.  Tom Brown Park holds the fireworks every July 4th and everyone gathers to watch.  Nestled in Piney Z is the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park with a 4-mile trip around Lake Piney Z. Check out these photo videos.

Real Estate Characteristics in Tallahassee Zip Code 32311

The 32311 zip code area has had the largest percentage increase in population than any other zip code in Tallahassee. The population has increases more than 22% since 2010. The 32311 zip code has also had the largest 12 month increase in estimated home values. Home values have increased almost 20% in the past 12 months.

The Tallahassee zip code of 32311 had the highest percentage of list price in sales during Jan through May 2022.  On average, homes sold at over 101% of listing price. Since there are many new homes being built in Southwood and the surrounding areas, this zip code has the lowest median home age. Also because of this, it has the second highest median price per square foot for sales in the first five months of 2022.

Median Home Values in Tallahassee zip code 32311 in 2022

The median home value in the first five months of sales in 2022 is $385,000. This is significantly higher than the median home sale for Tallahassee at $245,000.  The median sold price per square foot is $198.81 and is the second highest in Tallahassee.

Homes average about 42 days on the market before they are sold. This is nine days longer than the average days on market for 2021. Last year, homes spent an average of 33 days on the market. The Tallahassee zip code of 32311 had 319 sales of single-family homes in 2021.

So far this year, there have been 38 townhomes sold in the 32311 zip code. There are very few mobile homes located within this area. There have been five sold in 2022 so far. In the 32311 zip code, the homes sold average over 2,020 square feet, and 8% of homes are sold with pools.

Some neighborhoods in the 32311 zip code have a handful of homes built mid-century or earlier.  However, while you will find many homes newly constructed, there are a few new neighborhoods in 32311 zip codes that have a CDD. A CDD is a community development fee that is in addition to HOA fees. The most prominent example of this are the fees associated with living in the beautiful, planned community of Southwood.

Due to new construction, this zip code has the youngest median ages of homes. The median age of homes is 24 years old. This also means that the average size of the yard is shrinking. While there are several ranches and farms in the 32311 zip code, new construction has the smallest yards comparatively. The average size yard is .57 acres.