Tallahassee Zip Code 32317 – What To Know Before Moving


The Tallahassee zip code of 32317 is east and south of the Tallahassee city center. It includes some of the newest residential neighborhoods and shopping centers. The area in this zip code is in the Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s northeast and southeast areas of Tallahassee’s MLS.

Buyers want to know what the neighborhood is like before they make a purchase. People want to know who they will be living near and how their neighbors spend their time. Because of this, we have information for you! You can download both the Trade Area Report and the Neighborhood Report below for free.

Who lives in the 32317-zipcode?

We have data reports to answer this question! This trade report is based on data collected by Esri. They take MASSIVE amounts of data and group populations with similar interests and lifestyles. They grouped Tallahassee’s zip code 32317 data into four consumer groups. We have detailed two groups below. By the way, you will find these groups called Tapestry Segments in the report.

Group characteristics

The biggest consumer groups in the 32317-zipcode are: “Savvy Suburbanites,” “Workday Drive,” “Green Acres,” and “In Style.”  You will see some traits are shared by most of the people living in this zip code. For example, more than half are married, college-educated, and employed in professional and/or management positions.

First, the biggest group is called the Savvy Suburbanites. Also, this group includes approximately 39% of the population, or 2,079 people. This group’s median age is 46 with a median household income of $119,200. Their preferred activities are cooking, and they prefer natural or organic products. This group pursues several recreational sports, including skiing and golf.

Next, the second biggest group is the Workday Drive group. They include over 25% of the population or 1,377 people. Also, this group’s median age is 37 with a median household income of $102,300. Their preferred activities are outdoor and sports-related. Similarly, they spend most of their time on family-oriented activities and spend their money on family-related purchases.

For more information, download a free report here: Trade Area Report for Tallahassee’s 32317 zip code.

Neighborhood and Population Characteristics

Here’s the thing, in the next several paragraphs we are going to break down a lot of numbers about the population living in Tallahassee’s 32317 zip code. These graphs are going to show you the median household incomes, job categories, and education level of the population. Also, we will show you what percentage of homes in the area have children and the age ranges of those children.  We have information on schools zoned for the 32317 zip code and a link to the school grade reports for public elementary, middle, and high schools.

For more information, free report here: Neighborhood Report Tallahassee FL 32317

Population Stats in Tallahassee’s 32317 Zip Code: Density, Age, and Income Distributions, Education, and Job Characteristics

Population Density

The population in Tallahassee’s zip code 32317 is estimated at 14.8K (or 345 people per square mile). The population has grown 11.7% since 2010. In comparison, Tallahassee has grown 7.7%, Leon County has grown 8%, and Florida 15.6% since 2010.

Population Age Ranges

This area has the highest median age of any other Tallahassee zip code. The median age in zip code 32317 is 42 years old and much older than the median age for Tallahassee. In comparison, Tallahassee’s median age is 27, and Leon County’s median age is 31 years old.  Likewise, the median age for Florida is 42, and the median age for the United States the median is 38 years old.

Age Distributions of Population in 32317

Married couples make up more than 63% of the population in Tallahassee zip code 32317. The median age is 42. Ninety percent of the residents in the 32317 zip code own their own homes. More than half (57%) of the population are married without children. Of the children under the age of 18 years old living in the 32317 zip code, the biggest population is in middle school.

Income Distribution

This area has the third-highest per capita income behind the zip codes 32312 and 32308. The median per capita income for the 32317-zip code is $40,829. This is much higher than the median income for Tallahassee at $26,787, and Leon County at $29,754.  Likewise, it is higher than the median per capita income for Florida, which is $30,197, and for the United States at $32,621.

Likewise, this area has the second-highest household income behind the 32312 zip code. The median household incomes in Tallahassee’s 32317 zip code are similarly much higher than median household incomes elsewhere. In 32317, the median household income is $92,304. That number is $45,734 for Tallahassee, $53,106 for Leon County. Likewise, the median household income is $55,660 in Florida and $62,843 in the USA.

The distribution of the income shows that approximately 63% of the households in the 32317 zip code earn $75,000 or more yearly. Over 5% of the residents report that they work from home.


This area has a high level of education among residents. The 32317 area has the smallest populations of residents with an education of less than 9th grade. It is only one of three zip codes with less than 1% of the population having less than a 9th grade education. More than 56% of the population has at least a college education.  Furthermore, over 23% of residents have graduate or professional degrees beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Job Characteristics

Given the proximity of the state capital and the many universities, it makes sense that the most common occupational categories are public administration, professional, scientific, technical, and education.

Other Characteristics

Because the 32317 area is so rural, it has the lowest walkability score in Tallahassee. Walkability scores are based on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the shorter the walk to needed amenities. The walkability score for Tallahassee’s 32317 zip code is 0.3. This means virtually everything will require a vehicle. Compared to other areas of town, the 32317 area have few neighborhoods with sidewalks and most residents walk their dogs in the street.  Please be careful and watch for our neighbors and their fur babies.

This area has the lowest AARP Livability score than any other zip code in the Tallahassee area. The AARP Livability score was developed using survey data from adults over 50 years of age. They used this data to determine general preferences for community living. These included the preferences for physical ability, driving status, race, housing amenities among many others.

Real Estate Characteristics in Tallahassee Zip Code 32317

This zip code is the least densely and least populated zip code in Tallahassee. There are approximately 14,800 residents living in the 32317-zip code.  Even though it has the fewest residents of any other Tallahassee zip code, it has one of the fastest-growing populations.

Like all the zip codes in Tallahassee, there have been significant increases in home values in the past 12 months.  In spite of increasing more than 33% in the past 36 months (almost 20% year over year), four other zip codes had greater increases.

Real Estate in Tallahassee zip code 32317 in 2022

There are 200-300 single-family homes sold yearly in the Tallahassee zip code of 32317. The median home value in the first five months of 2022 is $407,650. This is significantly higher than the median home value for Tallahassee at $245,000.  The median sold price per square foot is $199.06 and is the highest in Tallahassee.

Homes average about 42 days on the market before they are sold. This is longer than the average days on market for 2021. Last year, homes spent an average of 36 days on the market.

So far this year, there have been nine townhomes sold in the 32317 zip code.  The number of townhomes available have been increasing thanks to new construction.  In the 32317 zip code, the homes sold average over 2,000 square feet, but only 8% of them are sold with pools.

Some neighborhoods in the 32317 zip code have a handful of homes built mid-century or earlier.  However, you will find many more new neighborhoods here in 32317 than in other zip codes. Also, that means there are more new homes sold in this zip code every year compared to other areas of Tallahassee.

Due to new construction, this zip code has one of the youngest median ages of homes. (The median age of residents is one of the highest in the area.) The median age of homes is 24 years old. This also means that the average size of the yard is shrinking.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about new construction in Tallahassee is the size of the yards.  As you can see, the yards are getting smaller over time. Right now, the average is over three-quarters of an acre.