Tallahassee – Leon County’s School Reports

Who doesn’t want their new home to be zoned for ‘good schools.’ The question we hear the most as Tallahassee Realtors, is about the quality of the public schools. For that reason, we have Leon County school reports available free with no paywall or email required. For clarification, the school district for Tallahassee is Leon County Schools.

While there are a lot of limitations to assigning a single grade to an elementary school with hundreds of students, teachers, and staff, parents want to know how local schools compare. Please keep that in mind when reviewing the information provided.

Leon County has forty-nine public schools and over 32,000 students. With over 2,000 classroom teachers, 42% have a master’s degree or higher! The graduation rate is in the top five in Florida at 94.4%. There are twenty-three public elementary schools, ten middle schools and five high schools on the pages linked below. You can find Leon County School Reports below the links.

Tallahassee / Leon County’s School Important Links

If you are wondering what schools your location is zoned for, please check here. Leon County also has a school choice program for select families. Applications for school choice are submitted between January and March 1 each year. And you can check here for more information about school choice and how you can qualify your child.

For those who want to know how these grades are calculated, check out this download from the Department of Education. This gives the numbers the school had to reach for each grade.

For more information, you can also search for your school report from the Florida Department of Education’s data portal. There is a lot more information than the screenshots below. Start here and it will ask you for the school or district you want to see.

Check out the links below for more information about the Tallahassee schools. Download free Leon County School Reports for each school and scroll through official school information! No email address needed and no paywall. School reports for Leon County overall can be found below the links.

High School Reports



Middle School Reports


Elementary School Reports



Leon County Private and Charter School Reports

Tallahassee’s public schools serves grades pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Current enrollment is around 33,000 students with over 2,000 teachers. Furthermore, there are several magnet schools.

Their overall grade is a B.

Please check out the District webpage here: Leon County Schools

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Stay tuned for more school reports! We will be adding private/charter schools and outlying counties soon!

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