Tallahassee Zip Code 32309 – What To Know Before Moving


The Tallahassee zip code of 32309 is located north of I-10, east of Thomasville Road, and the south boundary runs near Mahan Road.  Mahan is also known as 90 or Route 90. It ranges from the walkable townhouses near Thomasville Road to the many subdivisions in Killearn Estates and Killearn Acres areas. Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code is in the Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s northeastern area of the MLS.

Buyers want to know what an area is like before they make a purchase. There’s always one in every neighborhood, right? People want to know who they will be living near and how their neighbors spend their time and money. Because of this, we have informative reports for you! You can download both the Trade Area Report and the Neighborhood Report below for free. Check out more details below.

Who lives in Tallahassee’s 32309 Zip Code?

According to Esri, the people living in this area are a mix of lifestyle groups from Savvy Suburbanites to trendy Midtown Singles. The trade report is based on data collected by Esri. They take MASSIVE amounts of data and group populations with similar interests, spending habits, and lifestyles. They grouped Tallahassee’s zip code 32309 data into five consumer groups. We have detailed two groups below. These two groups make up over 60% of the population in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code.  By the way, you will find these groups called Tapestry Segments in the report.


Group characteristics in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code

The biggest consumer groups in the 32309-zipcode are:

  • Savvy Suburbanites” (43.5% of the population and per trade report below: “Families include empty nesters and empty nester wannabes, who still have adult children at home..”)
  • Green Acres” (16.4% of the population and per trade report below: “The Green Acres lifestyle features country living and self-reliance.”)
  • Exurbanites” (16.2% of the population and per trade report below: “Exurbanites residents are now approaching retirement but showing few signs of slowing down.”)
  • Young and Restless” (9.5% of the population and per trade report below: “This market ranks in the top 5 for renters, movers, college enrollment and labor-force participation rate.”)
  • In Style” (6.4% of the population and per trade report below: “In Style denizens embrace an urbane lifestyle that includes support of the arts, travel and extensive reading.”)

Most of the residents in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code are employed in professional trades. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree, own their own home, and have a median age in the 40s. For example, the biggest three groups have a homeownership rate of over 85%. In Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code, the median home values range from $236k to $481K for the biggest consumer groups.

Zip Code 32309 Biggest Market Segment: Savvy Suburbanites 

First, the biggest group is called the Savvy Suburbanites segment. Also, this group includes approximately 43.5% of the population, or 5,472 households. This group’s median age is 45.8 with a median household income of $119,200. The median net worth is approximately $694,900 and their median home value is $402,700. The residents are well educated and love to keep up to date with technology.  They use technology to shop, bank, and invest. The Savvy Suburbanites live in older suburban neighborhoods and love to remodel and garden. They are also physically fit, investing in many kinds of sports gear.

Zip Code 32309 Second Biggest Market Segment: Green Acres 

Next, the second biggest group is the Green Acres residents. This group is 16.4% of the population included in the Tallahassee 32309 zip code. That includes 2,065 households. Also, this group’s median age is 44.7 with a median household income of $86,100. This is an avid Do-It-Yourselfer group. They love to work on remodeling projects and grow their own vegetables! They spend a lot of time and money on outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, camping, and golf.  About 13% of the population has a profitable side hustle.

Curious about those last three groups? If so, download a free report here: Trade Report for Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code.

Neighborhood and Population Characteristics

Here’s the thing, in the next several paragraphs we are going to break down a lot of numbers about the population living in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code. These graphs are going to show you the median household incomes, job categories, and education level of the population. Also, we will show you the age distributions of children and adults.  We have information on schools zoned for the 32309 zip code and a link to the school grade reports for public elementary, middle, and high schools at the bottom of the page.

For more information, download the free report here: Neighborhood Report for Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code.

Population Stats in Tallahassee’s 32309 Zip Code: Density, Age, and Income Distributions, Education, and Job Characteristics

Distribution of ages in the Tallahassee 32309 zip code.

Population Density

The population in Tallahassee’s zip code 32309 is estimated at 30.6K (or 310 people per square mile). The population has only grown 5.1% since 2010. In comparison, Tallahassee has grown 7.7%, Leon County has grown 8%, and Florida 15.6% since 2010.

Population Age Ranges

This area has a median age of 41. In comparison, Tallahassee’s median age is 27, and Leon County’s median age is 31 years old.  Likewise, the median age for Florida is 42, and the median age for the United States the median is 38 years old. From the distribution of ages chart, you can see that the majority of the population is between 35 and 54 years of age.

Of the children under the age of 18 years old living in the 32309 zip code, the biggest population is in elementary school. More than half of the residents have a commute time of fewer than 30 minutes to work. Around 5.6% work from home.

Income Distribution

The area has a per capita income of $38,650. This is much higher than the median income for Tallahassee at $26,787, and Leon County at $29,754.  Likewise, it is higher than the median per capita income for Florida, which is $30,197, and for the United States at $32,621.

Also, this area has a median household income of $79,850. This means that there are as many people earning over $80K annually as there are earning under that amount. This makes this area more affluent than the average Tallahassee zip code. For example, the median household is $45,734 for Tallahassee and $53,106 for Leon County. Likewise, the median household income is $55,660 in Florida and $62,843 in the USA.

Income distribution in the 32309 zip code


This area has a higher level of education among residents compared to other zip codes. Most residents of Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code have at least a college education (55.9%). More than 24% of the population has a graduate or professional degree. For Tallahassee, that number is 20%. Likewise, in Florida, approximately 11% have degrees beyond a bachelor’s compared to 12.4% in the USA.

Job Characteristics

Given the proximity to the many state and local government agencies, it makes sense that the most common occupational category is in the public administration career group. This is followed by the education career group and the Professional, Scientific, and Technical occupational categories.

Other Characteristics

This area is a classic Tallahassee suburban area. There are a handful of areas adjacent to Thomasville Road with a nightlife and trendy restaurants within walking distance of home. Most residential areas; however, are quiet and tucked off busy roads with few businesses within walking distance.

Walkability scores are based on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the shorter the walk to needed amenities. Even though there are walkable areas, this is mostly residential. Most of the homes are not within walking distance of amenities. The walkability score for Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code is 1. This means virtually everything will require a vehicle and there are few sidewalks and parks for walking.

School grades in the 32309 zip code

The charts below do not include every single school zoned for this zip code, only the most commonly zoned schools. Check what schools your potential residence is zoned for here: Leon County School Zones

Elementary Schools

Most homes in the Tallahassee 32309 zip code will be zoned for:

  • DeSoto Trail,
  • Gilchrist,
  • Roberts, or
  • WT Moore.

Interested in more school details? Here, you can read more information about Elementary Schools here. You can look up your elementary school zone here.

Middle Schools

Most homes in the 32309 zip code will be zoned for one of the following middle schools:

  • Cobb,
  • Deerlake,
  • Raa,
  • Swift Creek, or
  • Montford.

If you want more information about Middle Schools, click here. You can look up your address for middle schools here.

High Schools

Most homes in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code will be zone for one of the following high schools:

  • Chiles,
  • Leon, or
  • Lincoln

You can read more information about High Schools here. You can look to see what high school you are zoned for here.

Parks in the 32309 Zip Code

Leon County operates the Miccosukee Community Park.  The City of Tallahassee maintains AJ Henry Park.  Check back soon for photos.  I can not believe I do not have a ton of photos of both parks. Especially considering how much time we have spent in them!

AARP Livability Score for Tallahassee’s 32309 Zip Code

This area has a low AARP Livability at 50. Furthermore, it’s highest score is for clean air and water.  The lowest score is for Neighborhood or access to life, work, and play. The AARP Livability score was developed using survey data from adults over 50 years of age. They used this data to determine general preferences for community living. These included the preferences for physical ability, driving status, race, housing amenities among many others. The livability scores range from 0 to 100. Find more information on their website here: AARP Livability 32309

Real Estate Characteristics in Tallahassee Zip Code 32309

This Tallahassee zip code had a modest estimated population increase since 2010. The population density is low and you will find large yards and generously sized homes. This zip code has seen a significant increase in home values.  The median sold price was $275,000 in 2019. However, the first five months of 2022 has sold a median home value of $375,000.

Seventy-nine percent of the residents in Tallahassee’s 32309 zip code own their own homes. The 32309 zip code has a median house age of 33 years old. There is new construction in established residential areas, but there have been few subdivisions being created.

Real Estate in Tallahassee zip code 32309 in 2022

The median home value in the first five months of sales in 2022 is $375,000. This is significantly higher than the median home sale for Tallahassee at $245,000.  In 2021, the highest sold price per square foot was $554.61. The highest sold price was $1.4 million so far 2022.

Homes average about 29 days on the market before they are sold. This is four days shorter than the average days on market for 2021. Last year, homes spent an average of 33 days on the market. The Tallahassee zip code of 32309 had 592 sales of single-family homes in 2021.

So far this year, seventeen townhomes sold in the 32309 zip code. There was one mobile home sale within this area. In the 32309 zip code, the homes sold average 2,214 square feet, and 18% of homes are sold with pools. This is one of the largest percentages in Tallahassee.

Some neighborhoods in the 32309 zip code have a handful of homes built mid-century or earlier.  However, while you will find some newly constructed single family homes each year as well. The average yard size was over an acre at 1.36 acres. The lowest sold price in 2022 so far, was $150,000 for a home that needed rehabilitated.