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Welcome to Tallahassee! Florida’s Capital City

Gorgeous Tallahassee, Florida!

If you are considering a Tallahassee home search, you could use a trusted Tallahassee Realtor. Let me help you explore the diverse zip codes that shape our city. As the capital city of Florida and the county seat of Leon County, Tallahassee offers a vibrant community, an interesting history, diverse culture, and wild natural beauty. Understanding the distinct characteristics of Tallahassee’s ten zip codes will help you find the ideal neighborhood that aligns with your wants and needs.

While each zip code possesses its unique qualities, Tallahassee thrives as a dynamic Southern college town, celebrated for its friendly residents who are always ready to lend a helping hand, extend prayers, or share a meal. The city’s ambiance is a testament to its diverse and captivating essence.

Tallahassee Is A Hub of Education

Leon County is a hub of education, with three well-known colleges in the city. This presence contributes to the city’s youthful energy, reflected in one of the lowest median ages among Florida cities. The influence of universities fosters a lively nightlife scene, nurtures a thriving art community, and cultivates a diverse culinary landscape. It’s worth noting that navigating West Tennessee Street during student rush hours can be challenging, but the students’ eagerness and enthusiasm are undeniably endearing.

Located in Florida’s Panhandle, Tallahassee is a Prime Location

Tucked in the barely tamed Big Bend area of Florida, Tallahassee enjoys a desirable prime location. Just a short 45-minute drive away, pristine beaches await. Some of the most gorgeous stretches of sugar sand on Earth, according to Dr. Beach, are a 1.5-hour drive. Tallahassee’s weather has nine months of glorious days with comfortable, warm temperatures. However, when July and August arrive, the summer season brings the heat. Locals seek solace by moving swiftly between air-conditioned spaces, taking respite from the afternoon storms that bless Tallahassee.

Finding your dream home within any of our favorite Tallahassee zip codes should be fun and exciting! If you are looking for ways to embrace our Southern Tallahassee charm, check out our YouTube Channel @LivingInTallahassee. We look forward to sharing Tallahassee with you!

Living With Tallahassee’s Wild Weather

Tallahassee’s climate showcases the best of both worlds, but it’s important to brace yourself for the summer sun’s intensity. Tallahassee has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average high temperature in July is 92°F, and the average low temperature in January is 39°F. The city gets about 60 inches of rain annually, mostly in summer. Thunderstorms are common but usually pass quickly and make way for the sunshine. Hurricanes are rare, but they can affect the city indirectly with strong winds and heavy rain. Tallahassee is located inland, about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, offering protection from storm surges. Most locals don’t bother with umbrellas, knowing the rain won’t last long in most summer afternoons.

Cost of Living in Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee is an affordable place to live, with a cost of living that is 6% lower than the national average. The median home value in Tallahassee is $197,900 and the median rent is $1,050. The main industries in Tallahassee are education and public administration, as the city is home to two major universities and the state government. These sectors provide stable and diverse employment opportunities for the residents. Tallahassee also has a young and educated population, with a median age of 27 and a high percentage of people with professional and graduate degrees. The city is spacious and green, with a low population density and plenty of parks and trails. The average commute time in Tallahassee is 19 minutes, which is shorter than most cities in Florida.

Discover the Diversity of Tallahassee Zip Codes

Intrigued by the distinct characteristics of each Tallahassee neighborhood? Our comprehensive website covers the entirety of Tallahassee, offering detailed information and free reports for every zip code. These reports are valuable resources, providing insights into each area’s demographics and daily life.

If you plan to move to our vibrant city, we would be honored to assist you as your trusted Tallahassee Realtors. We are experienced and knowledgeable locals who can guide you through buying or selling a home in any zip code. Contact us HERE!

Overview of Tallahassee Zip Codes

Youthful and Dynamic – 32301: Embracing the Vibrant Energy

Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32301 is a hub of student energy and vibrant dynamics. With over half of its population under the age of 35, this area exudes a lively atmosphere. With a median age of 29.8, this zip code includes many young people working on personal and professional growth. The zip code has plenty of both independent living and shared arrangements. Some areas have a strong sense of community among locals.

Notably, mobility is a defining market characteristic, as many residents rent their homes. Frequent address changes make the 32301 zip code one of the top 5 renter markets in the region. This constant flux creates an ever-evolving landscape, facilitating the formation of new connections and the embrace of fresh perspectives. Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32301 is a thriving epicenter of youthful spirit and dynamic opportunities.

Thriving in the College Town Vibe: Exploring Tallahassee Zip Code 32303

Tallahassee’s zip code 32303 embraces its identity as a lively college town, where most households are nonfamily. This vibrant community holds many young people. Some of these students are experiencing independent living for the first time. Many will share living quarters with roommates.

Almost half of the housing options are places rented on a room-by-room basis. This flexible arrangement provides convenience and adaptability to the students’ changing needs. With over three-quarters of the housing rented, this Tallahassee zip code reflects the transient nature of the student community. Embracing an active and sustainable lifestyle, this market prides itself on being walkable, and bike-friendly. Many locals bike and walk to work and school.

From Dorms to Diplomas: Tallahassee Zip Code 32304

Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32304 is a bustling haven for student living. With a diverse mix of on-campus and off-campus housing options, this vibrant area caters to the needs of student renters. Apartments dominate the landscape, comprising over 80% of the available housing units. Older homes transformed into multifamily living spaces also contribute to the neighborhood’s unique character.

With an average household size of 2.22 people, this zip code accommodates students living alone or with roommates, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. The community embraces sustainable transportation, as limited parking on campus encourages residents to walk, bike, or carpool to their classes.

In this dynamic enclave, the majority of homes are rented rather than owner-occupied, reflecting the transient nature of the student population. Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32304 embodies the essence of student life, where the pursuit of knowledge intertwines with a vibrant community spirit.

Embracing Family Values in Tallahassee Zip Code 32305: Down the Road

In Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32305, the dominant marketing segment is known as “Down the Road” and is a group focused on family. This vibrant market is predominantly comprised of married couples and single-parent households, with a strong emphasis on homeownership. Nearly two-thirds of the residences in this area are proudly owner-occupied, reflecting the community’s commitment to stability and creating a nurturing environment.

A defining characteristic of this zip code is the prevalence of mobile homes, constituting almost half of the housing options available. With nearly 80% of residences built from 1970 onwards, the neighborhoods have many architectural styles catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences. Notably, a significant portion of homes in this area have a value under $50,000, offering affordable housing solutions. Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32305, embodies the essence of family-centric living, providing an array of housing choices to suit diverse needs.

The Lifestyle of Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32308: The Exurbanites

The Exurbanites are the largest market segment in Tallahassee’s 32308 zip code. These residents are affluent and cultured. They prefer owning new luxury cars or SUVs that match their active lifestyles. They value education and culture, supporting public television, radio, and the arts. When it comes to their health and wellness, they pay attention to ingredients and opt for natural and organic products.

Taking pride in their space with home improvements and gardening are important to them. They enjoy outdoor activities. They seek convenience and quality and contract multiple services, such as financial planners, home maintenance, and personal care. These residents are financially active, with investment portfolios demonstrating their knowledge and success. Living in the 32308 zip code provides easy access to a wide range of shopping and dining options, with the zip code covering two Tallahassee I-10 exits. The Capital Circle NE shopping district, which is highly popular, also falls within this zip code. The Exurbanites have a median household income of $53,483.

Charming 32309: Savvy Suburbanites

In this Tallahassee zip code, these locals prefer living outside the city in established subdivisions. These neighborhoods are designed with families in mind and are located near popular schools. The majority of homes in this area were built between 1970 and 1990.

The typical family in this zip code are married couples with either no children or independent older children. The average household size is 2.85, and a significant majority, more than 90%, own their homes. Most of these homeowners have mortgages on their homes. These houses have a median value of nearly $363K and are well-maintained and spacious. One notable thing about this area is the low vacancy rate. It is less than 4%. This shows that the community is stable and highly sought-after, with few available properties. Overall, this Tallahassee zip code attracts individuals who value suburban living, family-friendly environments, and the benefits of homeownership.

Southern Charm of Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32310: Southern Satellites

In Tallahassee’s 32310 zip code, the Southern Satellites group is the third largest market segment, following the Down the Road and College Town segments. This group is known for its sense of community and Southern hospitality. Around 78% of households in this area are owned by the residents themselves, highlighting their preference for stability and owning their homes.

This community has many homes with multiple generations, showing the close bonds within the neighborhood. Most of the homes in this area are single-family houses, accounting for 67% of the housing units. A mix of home types caters to different housing preferences and needs. Since the community is located outside the city limits, locals must rely on personal transportation. Thus, many households own three or more vehicles. The 32310 zip code in Tallahassee embodies a love for Southern traditions. Residents in this community embrace a lifestyle that values connections with others and independence. Tallahassee itself carries a unique charm and embodies the Southern way of life.

Thriving Community of Enterprising Professionals in Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32311.

Within this vibrant zip code, you’ll find a diverse mix of households, with close to half consisting of married couples and 29% being single-person households. The housing options cater to different preferences, ranging from suburban single-family homes to townhomes and larger multi-family structures.
A feature of this area is the modernity of its homes, with almost three-quarters of them constructed after 1980. At least a quarter of the residences are newer, built after 2000, offering contemporary living spaces designed for today’s lifestyles.
Embracing a dynamic population, nearly half of the households in this zip code are occupied by renters, fostering a sense of flexibility and diversity. Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32311’s predominant marketing segment is the Enterprising Professionals. This thriving community offers varied housing options, a modern landscape, and a dynamic mix of residents for a vibrant and engaging living experience.

Experience Professional Pride in Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32312

Tallahassee’s Zip Code 32312 largest marketing segment is the Professional Pride group. This lifestyle offers contemporary living, home ownership, and a nurturing family environment.
Also, this Tallahassee zip code boasts the most owner-occupied, single-family homes in newer neighborhoods. Approximately 67% of these residences were built within the past two decades, and residents have one of the highest median incomes in Tallahassee. Positioned outside and north of Tallahassee, these neighborhoods offer a tranquil suburban lifestyle while still being accessible to nearby amenities. Many homes lie outside the city limits, thus lowering the taxes of homeowners.
Reflecting the area’s desirability, homes command prices that exceed the national median home value. Families dominate this community, with almost 80% of households consisting of married couples. The presence of children is evident, as half of these families have kids, contributing to an average household size of 3.13.

Suburban Living and Convenience: The Workday Drive of 32317

As the second-largest marketing segment in the area (after the Savvy Suburbanites mentioned above), Workday Drive residents prefer the outskirts of suburban metropolitan areas, relishing the tranquility and space offered by detached single-family homes in newer neighborhoods. This zip code showcases many of the latest additions to Tallahassee’s evolving landscape, with many new neighborhoods to explore.

Approximately 34% of homes in this zip code were built during the 1990s, while just under a third were constructed since 2000, reflecting the contemporary and well-maintained nature of the properties. The majority of homes (68%) are owner-occupied, and most have mortgages.

Most households consist of married couples with children, contributing to an average household size of 2.97. Residents of Workday Drive value mobility, with a majority owning two or three vehicles to accommodate their daily commutes.

Living In Tallahassee – Leon County, Florida

Population statistics across Tallahassee’s zip codes…

Tallahassee, encompassing various zip codes, is home to an estimated population of 195,000 as of 2023, exhibiting an average density of 1.92K people per square mile. Over the past decade, the city has enjoyed a growth rate of 8.8%. Situated within Leon County, each Tallahassee zip code offers a unique environment while embracing the essence of Southern living.

Tallahassee Lies Within Leon County, Florida

Leon County, with an estimated population of 291,000 and an average density of only 435 people per square mile, experienced a more modest growth rate of 7% compared to Florida’s overall population growth of 13% during the same period. This slower growth has positioned Tallahassee’s real estate market as an appealing prospect, particularly for those seeking opportunities that outshine other regions in the state. Retirees, in particular, find solace in the city’s relaxed pace of life, a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan areas.

With A Median Age of Only 28, Tallahassee is Young!

An outstanding characteristic of Tallahassee’s demographic composition is its youthful population, boasting a median age of 28, the youngest among Florida’s ten largest cities. In Leon County, the median age is slightly higher at 32. In contrast, Florida’s overall median age stands at 42, while the national median is 38. Noteworthy counties such as Duval (Jacksonville), Miami-Dade, Pinellas (St. Pete & Clearwater), and Sarasota demonstrate median ages of 37, 40, 49, and 57, respectively.

Median Household Income: Tallahassee vs Leon County

Considering the influence of Tallahassee’s youthful demographic on its median household income is important. The median household income for Tallahassee is $31,152. This is relatively lower than in other areas of Florida. However, the city’s lower cost of living does offset some of this difference. In comparison, Leon County’s median household income reaches $57,359. For perspective, Duval County (Jacksonville) boasts a median income of $59,541, while Miami-Dade stands at $57,815. The median household income for the entire state of Florida is $61,777.

If you are interested in moving to a north Florida zip code, you could use a knowledgeable local Realtor. Experience can provide you with invaluable information and expertise. We can help you find the perfect property that meets your needs and budget. No matter the zip code, we can help you find a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle!

Pros & Cons of Living In Tallahassee?

The 2023 Cost of Living In Tallahassee

How to Save on Tallahassee Student Housing Costs in 2023

This table compares demographics and publicly available information across the ten largest counties in Florida

Tallahassee Occupations

What are the primary occupations of those who live in Tallahassee zip codes?

When it comes to the primary occupations of those living in Tallahassee’s zip codes, the largest sectors are education and public administration. Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College. There are also many public, private, and charter schools. This concentration of schools adds plenty of job opportunities in the education sector for Tallahassee.

Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida, boasts a highly educated population. Approximately 23% of its locals hold a graduate or professional degree beyond their college education. This percentage is the highest among the biggest cities in Florida. It is higher than the state average of 10.6% and the national average of 12.1%. This indicates a strong emphasis on education and intellectual pursuits within the community.

Tallahassee has a diverse workforce.

In addition to education and public administration, other significant occupational categories in the Tallahassee area include health care and social assistance, accommodation and food services, and retail trade. These sectors reflect the diverse range of services available to the community, including healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, and various retail outlets. These industries enhance residents’ quality of life by providing essential services and employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy.

In addition to education and public administration, health care and social assistance play a vital role in the Tallahassee job market. The city is home to several medical facilities, including Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and Capital Regional Medical Center. These institutions employ a wide range of healthcare professionals, from doctors and nurses to therapists and administrative staff. As a result, individuals working in these sectors may seek housing options in close proximity to their workplaces.

The universities also support Tallahassee’s economy.

Accommodation and food services, as well as retail trade, are also significant contributors to the local economy. Tallahassee’s vibrant downtown area and various commercial districts attract entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and retail businesses. The city’s growing population and the constant influx of visitors create a demand for housing near the educational centers.

Crime in Tallahassee Zip Codes

Is Tallahassee a Safe Place to Live?

As a Tallahassee Realtor, people often ask me if it’s safe to live in Tallahassee. Let’s address this concern and understand the safety situation in the city, especially in different Tallahassee zip codes. While Tallahassee’s overall crime rate may seem higher than other cities in Florida, as a former Criminology professor, let me shed some light on those numbers. Most of the reported crimes happen near universities. Tallahassee has a lot of students attending school at our three universities, and many are not included in our population numbers. This will make the crime rate look higher than if the transient students were included in populations rates. Younger people are out in public places partying and are more likely to be victims or involved in crimes. These numbers also increase our crime rates without directly impacting local families.

As the Capital, Tallahassee Has Many Law Enforcement Agencies!

Tallahassee has many law enforcement agencies working in the area. With more agencies and officers, there are more arrests compared to other places with fewer agencies. This can make Tallahassee seem more dangerous, but most locals will tell you they feel safe walking in their neighborhoods. Some of the law enforcement agencies in Tallahassee include the Tallahassee Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida State Highway Patrol, Florida State University Police Department, FAMU Police Department, Florida’s Fish & Wildlife Commission, Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, and the Capitol Police.

Crime statistics can vary, but it’s important to consider the whole picture. The different law enforcement agencies work together to keep the community safe. They investigate crimes and make sure things are in order. As a Tallahassee Realtor, my job is to give you accurate information. There are few places where I am concerned about my safety in the various Tallahassee zip codes. Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions about specific Tallahassee zip codes or neighborhoods. I’m here to help you find a home that meets your needs and provides a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Where to find more information about Tallahassee’s crime

There were twenty-two murders in 2022 and 18 murders in Tallahassee in 2021.  This is lower than the twenty-eight murders in 2020 in Leon County. There were twenty-one murders in 2019 in Tallahassee.  These numbers follow a national trend. Tallahassee Police Chief Revell says that ten of those murders in 2020 involved Gadsden county residents. Check out this article in the local news: click here

Even though the pandemic brought higher murder rates, the rates and numbers of rapes and robberies have dropped in Tallahassee and nationwide by double digits. Tallahassee does have an online crime map. If you are considering a move to Tallahassee, check out your new address and the surrounding area here: click here

You can check whether any sex offenders have registered to live nearby here: click here

Schools in Tallahassee Zip Codes

Tallahassee School Grades – Public, Private, and Charter

Check what schools your potential residence is zoned for here: Leon County School Zones

We have updated our pages to provide the most comprehensive information about Leon County – Tallahassee schools as possible.  While there are a lot of limitations to assigning a single grade to an elementary school with hundreds of students, teachers, and staff, parents want to know how local schools compare. Please keep that in mind when reviewing the information provided.

Leon County has forty-nine public schools and over 32,000 students. With over 2,000 classroom teachers, 42% have a master’s degree or higher! The graduation rate is in the top five in Florida at 94.4%. Twenty-three public elementary schools, ten middle schools, and five high schools are on the pages linked here.

Real Estate in Tallahassee Zip Codes

Tallahassee’s Real Estate Characteristics Across Zip Codes

All of Tallahassee’s zip codes have seen steady increases year over year since 2010. Real estate in Tallahassee has increased 9.2% in the past 12 months. The estimated median home value is $290K. The biggest increase in the past 36 months can be found in the Tallahassee 32310 zip code. This zip code has seen a 52% increase in home values in the past 36 months. While the changes in the past 12 months have all been positive, the last three months have seen drops in value. Last year the 32310 Tallahassee zip code had the lowest median estimated home value. This year, as of May 2023, the lowest value can be found in 32304. As is customary, the highest values are found in the 32312 zip code.

Last year’s (June, 2022) real estate comparisons across Tallahassee’s zip codes.

Tallahassee's zip codes and growth. Comparing across the zip codes.

The Multiple Listing Service for the Tallahassee Area

The Tallahassee Board of Realtors divides the city into four quadrants – northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. It does not fall easily along the zip code lines. As you can see from the chart above, most of the homes can be found on the northeast side of Tallahassee. Most of the zip codes are selling at or above the list price and selling after less than six weeks on the market.

Check back for more reports coming soon! We will cover the outlying cities and counties making up the Big Bend area of Florida.

Data for this report came from CATRS in coordination with the National Association of Realtors Realtor’s Property Resources. The Capital Area Technology & REALTOR® Services (CATRS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS®.