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Living In Tallahassee

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  • History of Golden Eagle

    The consumers living in Golden Eagle are well-educated career professionals who prospered through the Great Recession. These goal-oriented couples work long hours and commute further than average.  Their schedules revolve around school-age children and their activities. They are financially savvy and are diversely invested. They benefit from interest and dividend income. These established families have more than twice the median American income and have an average accumulated net worth of $1.5 million.

    There is an active homeowner’s association. The covenants and restrictions are available on their website. The link can be found below.

    While the median home age is 22 years old, the median age of residents is 44 years old.  The median estimated home value is approximately $683,000, which has increased over 13% year over year. There were 26 sales in Golden Eagle and Golden Eagle Plantation last year in 2022.

    Real Estate of Golden Eagle

    There were 26 homes sold in the Golden Eagle in 2022, and 44 were sold in 2021. The homeowners association fee is around $800 a year. This does include access to the Golden Eagle County Club.

    Even though some of these homes are older, the new and remodeled homes sell quickly in our Tallahassee real estate market. In 2022, the median age of the homes sold was 19 years and the oldest home was 35 years. The average days on the market for homes that sold in 2022, was forty-three days, with the median being thirty-one days. There was one home on the market for almost a year that pulled that average up. These numbers are similar to the market stats for 2021.

    The median home sale in Golden Eagle for 2022 was $710,000. That is more than 11% higher than the home sales in 2021. On average, the houses sit over half an acre and are over 3100 square feet. Approximately 15% of the homes sold had pools, and more than all had fireplaces.

    Golden Eagle Homeowners’ association websites and other relevant links:

    HOA: Golden Eagle Homeowners Association

    A Favorite Amenity: Golden Eagle County Club

    Facebook Group: Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club Facebook Group

    Updates about the Bannerman Road project can be found here.

    This neighborhood is located in the Tallahassee zip code of 32312.

    Detailed Reports for Golden Eagle

    These reports are available for licensed Realtors and pull data from various resources. Niche creates the school reports, and Esri collects the trade area data. These reports are pulled upon request and posted regularly. Please subscribe to our blog to receive updates.

    The Neighborhoods

    The Golden Eagle neighborhood report includes charts and statistics about housing, people, economics, and quality of life. As of March 2023, home values rose 13% year over year. The median home age is twenty-two years old, and 84% of residents are homeowners. The median age of residents is forty-four, with a median household income of over $106,000.

    Download the March 2023 report here: Neighborhood Report for Golden Eagle

    Or download the February 2022 neighborhood report: Neighborhood Report for Golden Eagle

    The Real Estate Market Reports

    The market activity report details the active and pending listings and recent sales in Killearn Estates. These reports will be updated periodically.  If you are interested in an updated copy, contact us! See an overview of the most recent sales below.

    Download a March 2023 report here: Market Activity Report for Golden Eagle

    Of download a February 2022 report here: Market Activity Report for Golden Eagle

    The Trade Report

    The Commercial Trade Area Report breaks down the socioeconomic and demographic segments of Killearn Estates. The primary segments, based on Esri Tapestry data, are displayed in numerical order with #1 being the most dominant. The residents’ characteristics and spending habits are explained in detail.

    The biggest segment of residents in the Golden Eagle area is the Professional Pride segment. These consumers are well educated and prospered through the Great Recession. They work long hours and have a longer-than-average commute. This group is also likely to have school-age children participating in community activities. They take pride in their homeownership and spend time and money upgrading their living spaces.

    Download the March 2023 report here: Commercial Trade Area Report for Golden Eagle

    Or download the February 2022 report here: Commercial Trade Area Report for Golden Eagle

    Real Estate Details for Golden Eagle

     Golden Eagle – numbers at a glance…
    Income Per Capita: $52,302
    Median Household Income: $106,083
    Percentage of owner-occupied homes: 84%
    Number of 2022 DSF homes sales in MLS 26
    2021 number of home sales in MLS: 44
    Range of years homes built (MLS Sold 2022): 1987-2021
    Average yearly dues listed MLS (2022): $800
    Home prices (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges: $407,000 – $1,017,000

    Median $710,000

    Size of houses (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges: 2,077sf – 4,922sf

    Average: 3,182 sf

    Average size of yards (MLS Sold 2022): .59 acres
    Sold Price Per Square Foot (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges: $159.16 – $269.58

    Median $219.09

    For the sales in 2022, 26 or 100% of the houses sold had fireplaces, and only 4 or 15% had pools.

    If you are considering a move within Tallahassee or to Tallahassee, we would love to help.

    Contact us at:  850-203-0209 or email me at:  [email protected]

    Abbe Flynn, Ketcham Realty Group

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