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Living In Tallahassee

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    Things to Do in Downtown Tallahassee Florida

    By March 8, 2023No Comments

    Downtown Tallahassee

    There is a lot to do in downtown Tallahassee, including artwork, sculptures, historic buildings, museums, etc. Whether you are escaping the sun, heat, or rain, there is plenty to keep you busy in the downtown area outside of the Capitol Complex.

    We’ve visited the Capitol Complex before.  Check out our posts on the Historic Capitol and the new and current Capitol building.

    Photo shows inside of Capitol rotunda and the words Welcome to Florida's Capitol

    Relevant links for Downtown Tallahassee:

    Civil Rights Commemorative Walk

    The Footsteps to Freedom – Civil Rights Commemorative Sidewalk can be found north of the Capitol Complex on East Jefferson Street. The walk honors 50 civil rights actives who participated in Tallahassee’s lunch counter sit-ins of the 60s and the 1956 bus boycott. Then, Tallahassee was considered the second major boycott in the US.

    City Hall

    The City of Tallahassee has most of its services available online. You can see utility usage for any residence on city utilities. The building itself had a lot of neat artwork and plaques to read. There’s a sunny plaza to rest and watch the traffic around the Capitol across the street.

    Tallahassee Council on Culture & Arts

    The Tallahassee Council on Culture & Arts is a non-profit group that promotes art in the Tallahassee area. Most of the names of the statues and artwork were found on their site. There are lots of upcoming events – check out their website. Also, download their self-guided public art walk for downtown Tallahassee here.

    The Florida Supreme Court

    We stopped here on a rainy afternoon on a whim. It could be that it was influenced by my time in Criminology at FSU. We were glad we did. It turns out it was pretty cool and well worth the time. The law library is open to the public and has fascinating historical archives. The Supreme Court’s website has oral arguments, so you can schedule a trip to see the law in action. Read more here before you go.  

    Florida State University School of Law

    The campus was designed to look like Jefferson’s plantation in Virginia called Monticello. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, and the campus was lovely. What do you think of the red brick, white trim look? Read more about FSU’s law school here.

    Kleman Plaza – Public Parking in Downtown Tallahassee

    One of the best ways to park downtown is to find the public parking sign on Duval.

    R. A. Gray Building – State Library, Archives, and Florida Museum

    The Department of State building can be found on Bronough Street at the R.A. Gray Building behind the Capitol Complex. There is the state library on the second floor. The archives are open and available to the public. Check out visitation guidelines here. The lower level contains the Museum of Florida History. This is a great place to explore the history of Florida and its many innovations. Their website is stuff with great information and is an excellent resource.


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