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Living In Tallahassee

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  • History of Ox Bottom

    The history of Ox Bottom is a short one. The construction started in Ox Bottom in 1988 and continues. Fewer lots are available, so construction slowed significantly as the neighborhood filled out.  These homes are some of the biggest and most spacious in the Tallahassee neighborhoods.

    Images shows the mapped area of Killearn Estates as defined by NAR

    Ox Bottom Homeowners’ association websites and other relevant links:

    Facebook Group: Summerbrooke Ox Bottom Living

    This neighborhood is located in the Tallahassee zip code of 32312.

    Ox Bottom Manor in Tallahassee, Florida

    The Ox Bottom neighborhoods in Tallahassee, Florida, are located in northeast Leon County off of Bannerman Road!  There are several distinct Ox Bottom neighborhoods, and the homes are gorgeous. Close to shopping, lots of shady trees and covered street, these quiet neighborhoods are perfect for families of all sizes! Let’s talk about the Ox Bottom neighborhood with the biggest homes and the fewest sales – Ox Bottom proper off Ox Bow.

    Welcome back to Living in Tallahassee. My name is Abbe Flynn, and I am a Tallahassee Realtor and broker associate with Ketcham Realty Group.  My husband and I are Florida real estate agents. We have created this channel to share Tallahassee and its beautiful neighborhoods.  Today we want to introduce you to the Ox Bottom neighborhood, where these gorgeous homes are huge!

    Location of Ox Bottom

    The homes in Ox Bottom can be found off Bannerman Road, which connects Thomasville Road to Meridian Road. The statistics below will include the homes on Ox Bow, Evening Star, Morning Star, and White Star. We will cover the other Ox Bottom neighborhoods – including Ox Bottom Manor, Ox Bottom Reserve, and Ox Bottom Crest in the future. Please send us your email address and subscribe, so you do not miss these neighborhood tours.

    Construction started in Ox Bottom in the late 1980s and continued steadily until the crash.  New homes can be found now that spec home construction has returned. These lots are huge and average 2.5 acres. The homes are mostly five bedrooms and four baths and average over 4100sf.

    In 2022, the homes on the market averaged only 28 days with a median sales price of $825,000. The prices ranged from a low of $775,000 to 1.35 milllion. There were nine sales in 2021 with a median sales price of $795,000.  That is a median sales price increase of almost 4% year over year. About 2/3 of these homes have pools and most have fireplaces.

    Ox Bottom Schools Zones

    Ox Bottom is zoned for Hawks Rise elementary school, Deerlake Middle School, and Chiles High School.  We have full reports for each school on our website, including school grades, population demographics, expenditures per student and disciplinary reports.

    Shopping Near Ox Bottom

    The area shopping includes a Walmart and Target north on Thomasville Road, there are several strip malls nearby with coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Stop by Coosh’s Bayou and tell him I sent you – the best Cajun food in Tallahassee.

    Detailed Reports for Ox Bottom

    These reports are available for licensed Realtors and pull data from various resources. The school reports are created by Niche, and Esri collects the trade area data. These reports are pulled upon request, and we use this information for our customers. Let us know if you want to be represented by a Realtor that understands stats and can use them.

    The Neighborhood of Ox Bottom

    The Ox Bottom neighborhood report includes charts and statistics about housing, people, economics, and quality of life. As of January 2023, home values rose almost 16% year over year. The median home age is twenty-one, and 90% of residents are homeowners. The median age of residents is forty-one, with a median household income near $128,000. Most homes are bigger than the average Tallahassee homes and have five bedrooms and over 4100 square feet.

    Download the February 2022 neighborhood report here:  Neighborhood Report for Ox Bottom

    Download the January 2023 report here:  Neighborhood Report for Ox Bottom

    The Real Estate Market Reports

    The market activity report details the active and pending listings and recent sales in Ox Bottom. These reports will be updated periodically.  If you are interested in an updated copy, contact us! See an overview of the most recent sales below.

    Download your February 2022 report here: Market Activity Report for Ox Bottom

    Download your January 2023 report here: Market Activity Report Ox Bottom

    The Trade Report

    The Commercial Trade Area Report breaks down the socioeconomic and demographic segments of Ox Bottom. The primary segments, based on Esri Tapestry data, are displayed in numerical order with #1 being the most dominant. The residents’ characteristics and spending habits are explained in detail.

    The biggest segment of residents in the Ox Bottom area is the Professional Pride segment. These families are well-educated, well-read, and with higher-than-average wealth. Most are two-income households, and residents prefer online shopping with Amazon and work out in home gyms. They also visit the spa and salon regularly, and all family members read.

    Download the February 2022 report here: Commercial Trade Area Report for Ox Bottom

    Download the January 2023 report here: Commercial Trade Area Report Ox Bottom

    Real Estate Details for Ox Bottom

    –Ox Bottom – numbers at a glance…
    Income Per Capita: $57,262
    Median Household Income: $127,617
    Percentage of owner-occupied homes: 89%
    Number of 2022 DSF homes sales in MLS 3
    Number of 2021 sales in MLS: 9
    Range of years homes built (MLS Sold 2022): 1988-2019
    Average yearly dues listed MLS (2022): $150
    Home prices (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges: $7750,000 – $1,345,000

    Median $825,000

    Size of houses (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges:  3,661 sf – 4,658 sf

    Median 4,140 sf

    Average size of yards (MLS Sold 2022): 2.5 acres
    Sold Price Per Square Foot (MLS Sold 2022): Ranges: $198.03 – $289.93

    Median $201.07

    For the home sales in 2022, 99% of the houses had fireplaces, and only two-thirds had pools.

    If you are considering a move within Tallahassee or to Tallahassee, we would love to help.

    Contact us at:  850-203-0209 or email me at:  [email protected]

    Abbe Flynn, Ketcham Realty Group

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