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Living In Tallahassee

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  • Betton Hills Subdivision in Tallahassee, Florida

    The Betton Hills neighborhood is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Tallahassee, Florida. Located in northeast Leon County between Thomasville and Centerville Roads! And not far from midtown. There are five gorgeous parks and a community garden for residents. Betton Hills is the definition of gorgeous Southern living.

    Location of Betton Hills

    The Betton Hills neighborhood lies between Thomasville and Centerville Roads. Construction started in the 1940s and continued for decades.

    Welcome back to LivinginTallahassee.

    My name is Abbe Flynn, and I am a Tallahassee Realtor and broker associate with Ketcham Realty Group.  My husband and I are Florida real estate agents. We have created this website and blog to share real estate stories, Tallahassee, and its beautiful neighborhoods.  Today we are touring one of the oldest neighborhoods nestled among natural rolling hills. Or at least Tallahassee’s version of rolling hills. Next week we plan to look at Killearn Lakes. If you want more information about Tallahassee neighborhoods, please contact us!

    The History of Betton Hills

    Did you know that the first Christmas celebrated in America was in this area in 1539? Yep. Hernando de Soto camped here in the winter of 1539. When he and his companions celebrated, it would have been the first time Christmas was celebrated in a future American state.

    Bryan Croom was the first owner to live and build in the Betton Hills area. In the 1840s, he began building the Goodwood Plantation nearby. In 1857, the Florida Supreme Court recognized Henrietta Smith as the new owner. Upon her win, Henrietta moved to Tallahassee and renamed the area Betton Hills Plantation. When she died in 1862, her great-grandson John Still Winthrop Jr inherited it. Read more about the fascinating and complicated history on the HOA website.

    Betton Hills Real Estate Sales

    In 2022, the homes ranged from 43 years old to 72 years. These sales averaged 49 days on the market.  This is up from 41 days on the market in 2021. There were fourteen sales in 2022, four of those homes had pools. The median sales price was $435,000 and ranged from a low of $337,500 to $1,500,000.

    For home sales in 2022, sizes range from almost 1,700 square feet to a large of just over 5,000 square feet. Most yards were around half of an acre. All but one of the homes sold had a fireplace.

    Image is an infographic for the sales in Betton in 2022 There were 14 sales with a median sales prices of $435,000. Yards are around half an acre and they averaged 44 days on the market.

    Tallahassee City Parks in Betton Hills

    Betton Hills is home to five public parks, which are managed by the City of Tallahassee.:

    Winthrop Park

    You can see this one on Betton Road near Thomasville Road. It is a 13-acre park on the south side of Betton Road.  The park includes ball playing fields, tennis courts, a shaded playground, and public restrooms.

    McCord Park

    McCord Park is a 19.4-acre walking park. You’ve probably seen it from Thomasville road, and you can find the entrance on Armistead Road. Plenty of parking, and lots of walking trails, and there were several other women walking when I was there too. The park includes a paved path connecting Trescott to Armistead, several unpaved trails, and a large pond.

    Harriman Circle Park

    This is an 8-acre park with a pond and lots of local wildlife.

    Chittendon Park

    Chittendon Park is a small 1.5-acre park on Spruce Avenue. It does have beautiful roses and benches that invite you to slow down and appreciate the beauty.

    Betton Nature Center

    Betton Nature Center is a 6-acre park behind the SunTrust Bank and Ashford Club Apartments off Thomasville Road.  The center has trails that connect to McCord Park.

    Schools Zones for Betton Hills

    Betton Hills is zoned for Kate Sullivan elementary school, Cobb Middle School, and Leon High School.  We have full reports for each school on our website, including school grades, population demographics, expenditures per student, and disciplinary reports.

    Local Shopping

    The area shopping several strip malls nearby in Midtown and on Thomasville. Depending on which side of Betton Hills, there may be lots of restaurants, bakeries, gift shops, and specialty stores within walking distance. One of our favorites is Food Glorious Food on the corner of Betton and Thomasville.

    HOA Information for Betton Hills

    By the way, it seems most of those parks were named after someone influential to Betton Hills. There is a detailed history on their HOA website, you can find it at:

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